What makes us Unique

We are the pioneers of bringing in the concept of Day Boarding School in Jaipur city
Warren stands isolated because of the fact that our USP lies in imparting active learning since implementing active learning strategies helps in
Engaging students in higher order thinking as analysis, synthesis and evaluations
Connect real lifework between school and what will take place in the rest of their lives
Address cultural influence and individual learning styles
For smoothing out the learning we have a RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT TEAM of 35 people who cater and work towards simplifying the knowledge concepts by incorporating various strategies on psychological parameter as well as on scientific basis
We firmly believe that education is not learning by rote and then repeating it in the examination. Our approach is STUDENT CENTERED and goes beyond text books, classrooms boundaries. Our belief lies in the motto- Explore, Research and Achieve
Our one more unique feature is TRAINING WORKSHOP for our faculties since we believe that teaching is a profession that carries with it a high degree of responsibility
In order to foster the understanding and to reduce the struggle of our students we offer BEST LEARNING AIDS from all corners of world
Early education is important for all children as the foundation for their future development, not only cognitive but also socially. We offer best learning program for little learners
Day Boarding
in Jaipur
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